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Posted by Admin on February, 28, 2023

Seam Welding Wheels is just appropriate to produce top quality weld seams within no time. Meanwhile, to make sure things, the material used for the welding wheel should have suitable properties.

Resistance seam welding is straight away taken from the spot welding. In this way, pressure and electric current are used to weld two similar or dissimilar stuff together. Different from spot welding, however, the two electrodes are in the kind of wheels – commonly prepared out of copper. The wheels are driven as the two workpieces pass through, and the welding points are produced by present pulses. Above a particular pulse frequency, the welding points can even partly cover - a permanent weld seam is created.

The benefit of seam welding wheels as compared to spot welding is that the workpieces don’t have to be advanced manually in any case. It implies that the pair of electrodes don’t have to open and close individually even after every single point. Moreover, the resistance seam welding and rotatable welding wheel electrodes precede the workpieces automatically.

You can say thanks to the welding wheel electrodes, not just regular weld seams can be created but the wear on the electrodes is also considerably lower than with spot welding. As resistance seam welding creates regular weld seams, another significant advantage is that it can be utilized to create an air- and watertight seals.

In which sectors are seam welding wheels used?

Due to the regular weld seams, the procedure is used in the manufacture of containers that have to be airtight or even watertight. Take an example, the manufacture of fuel tanks. Moreover, the hoses and pipes are sometimes welded using the process, as no fusion metals are commonly used in the process and therefore no welding beads are produced. The technique is even appropriate for processes that can be rightly automated. Take an example, roller seam welding is utilized to make washing machine drums, sinks, dishwashers, or chimney pipes.

The seam welding wheels are air-tight and even water-tight. The process is easy to automate with the help of robotic machines. Seam Welding Wheels Manufacturer gives seam welding wheels with moderately high pressures. The seam welding wheel is made from copper and has strength, is tough, is a good conductor of electricity, and has better hardness.

The wheels are available in different sizes and are offered at the earliest time possible to the buyers. They give the best range of seam welding wheels that have effectively passed past the heat from weld zones. Considered one of the most promising Seam Welding Wheels Manufacturer in India, Aluminium Bronzes have grown leaps and bounds as a company since our beginning.

If you are interested in placing your order online, you can easily proceed with it. The suppliers accept the order online and allow you to get the products within no time. Before buying the product, you should make sure about the quality and reliability of the supplier.

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